Directions – The Elk’s Club:

MapQuest and GPS directions stop at Rt. 2 (Solomons Island Rd).  However to get to the Elk’s Club, you have to turn off Rt 2 at Grand Oak Dr and follow it around to the left to the Elk’s club driveway.

 -If you are coming from Edgewater, you would turn right onto Grand Oak drive. 

-If you are coming from Annapolis, you would turn left onto Grand Oak drive.

-If you are coming from Rt. 50 to Aris T Allen Blvd to Rt 2, you would go straight at the light getting off of Artis T (crossing Rt. 2, rather than turning on it.)  On the other side of the light you are on Grand Oak Rd.   

Once you are on Grand Oak Drive, follow the driveway to ALL THE WAY to the left and turn right a the last drive way to get to the Elks lodge.   

Another hint... The Annapolis Harbor Shopping Center is just one light away from the Elks Club.   If you need to contact Monica on the day of the event, the cell phone is 240-876-3144.   



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